CloodEvent: Event Planning Made Easy

CloodEvent is a free application for IOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Your life is full of events: dinner with friends, business meetings, birthday parties, weddings and other special events. Plans are often complex, difficult, and even painful to organize alone. Wouldn’t it be great to have participants easily help organize and plan?

CloodEvent helps you plan events by inviting friends and explaining over smartphones and tablets exactly what you need for a successful event.

How it Helps you Plan

  • Create and update events with important times and places
  • Describe requirements (food, drink, car rentals, hotel rooms)
  • Invite friends to attend this event
  • Participants take ownership of tasks. No more doubling up on the
    same one!
  • Release requests to indicate they are fulfilled

CloodEvent makes event planning easy!

CloodEvent is one of the free applications that is part of the Cloodees social network.

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