Cloodees is a free, multilingual, smartphone based social network. 

CloodEvent is the first fully functional event planner for your smartphone. Create events, define when and where they happen, invite friends, and help your special event become more special. It is simple to add your friends to help you organize   and communicate with ease.

CloodWish allows you to share your dreams and wishes with your friends. Your friends can fulfill those dream at the next opportunity. It simplifies registries and wishlists by allowing you to put everything in one place. This could be for a birthday party, a wedding or because they love to please you. Make it easier for them to help make your wants and wishes become reality.

CloodVote helps you decide with your family, friends, co-workers, partners, fellow club members what, where, or why. Make quick polls to keep everyone in agreement without many emails, calls, or texts. Simplify decisions on the fly.

Welcome to Cloodees…



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